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The key points of emerging energy industry planning

China's emerging energy industry development plan, which has attracted much attention, will be issued in the near future. The key areas supported by this plan focus on nuclear energy, water energy that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7million tons in one year, and clean utilization of coal. As an expert participating in the formulation of emerging energy industry planning, Zeng Shaojun, Secretary General of the new energy chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, revealed to the at the second China new energy conference today

the National Energy Administration announced at the press conference on the energy and economic situation in the first half of 2010 held in July this year that according to the development plan, the cumulative direct increased investment in emerging energy industries will reach 5trillion yuan and the annual output value will increase by 15000 billion yuan in the ten years from 2011 to 2020

Zeng Shaojun introduced that the "development plan of emerging energy industry" being formulated in China focuses on the medium and long-term development goals of China's emerging energy industry. From 2011 to 2010, the clean utilization of nuclear energy, hydropower and coal will be the focus of policy support, and will also be the key support object of 5trillion investment. In addition, supporting policies will also involve wind energy, solar energy and other aspects

Zeng Shaojun also said that at present, China has become the world's largest overseas investor in the photovoltaic industry. Europe, the United States, Australia C. double report: fully open user report states and other countries have come to China for investment funds. With the economic recovery and the gradual increase of global climate pressure, the world's first TPI industrial device has been built. He expects that the global photovoltaic industry and market will continue to maintain rapid and stable growth next year

although China's photovoltaic industry has ranked first in the world for many consecutive years, the domestic photovoltaic application market is still seriously lagging behind. In particular, the low bid price of domestic photovoltaic power generation has seriously troubled the development of enterprises. In this regard, Zeng Shaojun suggested that for the emerging industry of photovoltaic power generation, the state should set up benchmark electricity prices and subsidized electricity prices, rather than adopting the bidding pricing method of market-oriented competition; It is even estimated that even through market bidding, the implementation of reasonable prices should be encouraged, rather than the principle of the lowest price

the preferential price of electricity has become an important engine for the development of new energy in Europe. At present, Japan is also reforming with reference to Europe. Shi Dinghuan, counsellor of the State Council and director of China Renewable Energy Society, also called on relevant national departments to formulate reasonable pricing that conforms to national conditions, is conducive to industrial development, and is conducive to attracting investment, and give enterprises reasonable profits

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