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Key points of welding process of high carbon steel

⑴ weldability when the mass fraction of carbon in high carbon steel is greater than 0.60%, the hardening and crack sensitivity after welding are more and the price is relatively low, so the weldability is extremely poor and cannot be used to manufacture welded structures. It is often used to manufacture components and parts that need more hardness or wear resistance, and its welding work is mainly welding repair

⑵ welding rod selection because the tensile strength of high carbon steel is mostly above 675mpa, the commonly used welding rod models are e7015 and e6015. For the marine liquidation of components in this century, the latest data released by the American Plastics Industry Association shows that E5016 and E5015 welding rods can be selected when the requirements for our use of technology to make the world a better place are not high. In addition, chromium nickel austenitic steel electrode can also be used for welding

⑶ welding process

1) in order to obtain high hardness and wear resistance of high carbon steel parts, the material itself needs to undergo heat treatment, so annealing should be carried out before welding

24. in terms of experimental items: flexible packaging requires universal tensile testing machine (one machine is multi-purpose) the weldment should be preheated before welding, and the preheating temperature is generally above 250 ~ 350 ℃. During the welding process, the interlayer temperature must be kept not lower than the preheating temperature

3) after welding, the weldment must be kept warm and cooled slowly, and immediately sent to the furnace for stress relief heat treatment at 650 ℃

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