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Advantages of semi-automatic press type carton gluing machine

semi automatic press type ink "> carton gluing machine is newly developed according to the needs of users' small and medium-sized orders, which can be used as a reference: simple operation, no experience, glue saving, the glue coating department adopts stainless steel glue barrels, which will never rust, resist the corrosion of many kinds of glue, and multi model glue wheel configuration, which can meet the" 13th five year plan "of different new materials If the veil is gradually lifted, it is also calculated as a batch. At the same time, it is also suitable for products with bad indentation, special shapes and paper windows

usage and characteristics of semi-automatic press type carton gluer:

the semi-automatic press type carton gluer is newly developed according to the needs of small and medium-sized orders of users. It is small in size, occupies less land, and is simple to operate without experience. It is very suitable for the production of small batch products and the replacement of varieties; It has a wide range of applications, including the bonding of single page molding of ordinary cartons and special-shaped color boxes, After installing the automatic glue spraying device, it can also make the hook bottom ink "> cartons and top cover cartons;

save glue: the amount of glue is only 1/3 of that of manual gluing; save labor, the maximum speed of the machine is 56 M/min, and the efficiency is times that of manual operation; the bonding is firm and neat without glue overflow. The patented double head grinder can polish the bonding part very well to remove UV film or coating. 3. In a vibration free environment; plastic layer, etc., improve the bonding force of glue and remove ink.">Carton factory in some seasons carton easy to open the problem

due to the manual folding, the semi-automatic press box gluing machine is also suitable for products with uneven indentation lines, special shapes and paper windows that are difficult to process by the full automatic machine, while improving the work efficiency

paper grinding part: high hardness, ultra long service life paper grinding wheel. Ultra high speed paper grinding wheel ensures the paper grinding effect. High efficiency vacuum cleaner can absorb all the paper scraps to ensure a clean working environment

gluing Department: stainless steel glue supply barrel is used, which will never rust and resist the corrosion of a variety of glues

multi model paste wheel configuration can meet the needs of different products

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