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The new built-in steel tube plastic tray is on the market

recently, the built-in steel tube plastic tray invented by Wu Haiming, general manager of Ningbo Changqi Plastic Co., Ltd., has a total research and development area of more than 8000m2 and is expected to be officially put into operation in 2018. The material tray has obtained a patent, patent number: zl 2。

through the design improvement of the traditional plastic tray structure, this new tray is designed with embedded reinforced steel pipes after molding at the main load positions related to dynamic load and low emission material load in the air. Through this design improvement, it not only improves the movement of the plastic tray, but also plays a great role in the safety work. Because of this improvement, the amount of plastic raw materials is reduced and the production cost of the plastic tray is reduced. The plastic tray not only achieves the same level of wooden tray in terms of dynamic load and air load technical indicators. Moreover, due to the reduction of its cost, the price has become more acceptable to the market, effectively expanding the scope of use of plastic pallets

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