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Canon inkjet printer autumn new product launch

recently, the basic requirements for the accessory design of Canon (China) electronic universal testing machine are to meet the overall requirements of the standard gb/t16491 ⑵ 008 "electronic universal testing machine", which is stable, reliable, neutral and easy to operate. The company held a new product launch with the theme of enjoying the life of color printing in Shanghai, at which eight new products of Tencent PIXMA inkjet printer for family photo printing were released, Among them are seven multi-function photo printers and a single function photo printer. At the same time, two new products of Lide series scanners have been released. As many as 10 new products are released at a time, which is also relatively rare in the history of canon printer products

at this new product launch, Canon put forward a new concept to enjoy color, combined with the output mode of family photos and people's cognition of photo printing, and put forward the slogan that photos are about to be made; Let people realize that photo printing is also an indispensable part of enjoying the whole image culture. Only by enjoying the fun of photo printing can we have a complete image culture experience. Not only the print output of photos, Canon's new products also have the function of Full HD short film printing, which is seamlessly connected with the HD short film of Canon EOS SLR camera, helping users print the wonderful pictures in the short film into photos, developing a new way of photo output, and allowing users to obtain a new printing experience. Under the concept of enjoying color, Canon inkjet printer business division has enabled international giant. It is necessary to point out that star Jackie Chan is the spokesperson. While successfully endorsing Canon's EOS brand, Mr. Jackie Chan continued to conduct in-depth cooperation with Canon, endorsing its colorful PIXMA inkjet printer products, and expanding his cooperation with Canon to the field of image output

around the slogan of enjoying the concept of color and photos, Canon released seven multi-function photo all-in-one machines, including four mg series products with independent ink cartridges and three MP series products with fine integrated ink cartridges. Mg8180 and mg6180, as the first products of canon that apply the six color independent ink box system, are more perfect in the quality of photo output. At the same time, they also have a unique design in negative scanning. Mg8180 supports this function to meet the comprehensive needs of image enthusiasts in scanning and printing photos. Mg5280 and mg5180, with the excellent output quality of five color independent ink box and the environmental protection design of automatic double-sided printing and two-way paper feeding, not only meet the requirements of high-end image output, but also have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance, taking into account the needs of paper saving and environmental protection. Mp498, mp288 and mp259 equipped with fine integrated ink cartridges continue to perform well in terms of cost performance and price performance, while taking into account the needs of small SOHO, home users and student users. At the same time, the only single function printer ip4880 released this time not only continues to maintain high-quality photo printing, but also integrates the functions of automatic double-sided printing and two-way paper feeding to meet the different needs of users. Such a series of products with multiple functions and outstanding advantages, coupled with the new full HD short film printing function, automatic photo repair and intelligent page printing function, help users print higher quality photos more comprehensively, faster and more economically, so that Canon printers can enjoy colors and can complete the addition, deletion and modification of experimenters' ideas to be better reflected

the two Lide series scanners launched by Canon this time provide users with products with better quality and higher cost performance for their image digitization needs, and also provide users with great convenience to enjoy the colors of Canon printers

relying on eight new inkjet printers and two new scanners, Canon displayed its brand-new image in front of consumers with the endorsement of Jackie Chan, aiming to promote a new way of photo output and advocate a new concept of enjoying color. New products, new spokesmen and new concepts fully demonstrate the strong R & D strength of Canon inkjet printer and its in-depth understanding and grasp of Chinese consumers and the market. Canon is full of confidence and will continue to work hard for consumers to create a better image life experience

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