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Nubotai organized a Chinese delegation to visit the European label exhibition. From September 21 to 24, the 2005 European label exhibition was grandly held in Brussels, Belgium. This exhibition is the largest event of the label industry in the world this year. For this exhibition, the headquarters of nubotai company in Denmark attached great importance to and actively participated in the exhibition. The booth of the company is nearly 800 square meters, which is the largest exhibition area among more than 500 exhibitors

in recent years, label and self-adhesive label printing has set off a boom in China. With the help of this wave, nubotai, which has gradually shown its strong strength, organized a visiting group of more than 20 people in China for the nubotai European label exhibition, which went to Europe for a 10 day visit from Hong Kong and Shanghai. The members of the visiting group on this trip are all leaders in the domestic packaging and label printing industry, such as Hong Kong starlight group, Foshan Huaxin, Tiger color group, etc. This is also by far the largest domestic label packaging enterprise visiting Europe

it is reported that the 2005 European label exhibition attracted nearly 500 equipment and consumables suppliers from all over the world, including mainstream companies and suppliers in various fields such as equipment manufacturing, printing materials and auxiliary facilities. The professional visitors to this exhibition also reached more than 20000, showing that the label printing industry is thriving

at this exhibition, new Botai company made great achievements and achieved success far beyond the expected plan. At the exhibition, nubo led the test pieces to carry out fatigue experiments. A total of three equipment were exhibited by Thai company, including Mo line top-level high-end full servo driven combined printing machine, FA line servo combined flexographic printing machine and FB line high-performance printing machine, which were first unveiled in Europe. During the four-day exhibition, the new Botai booth attracted a large number of visitors every day. At the exhibition site, the company signed 42 orders, and in the three days after the exhibition, another 8 orders were signed. The total amount of this order is 40million euros, which once again proves the unshakable leading position of nubotai company in the narrow rotating equipment manufacturing industry

in addition to visiting the exhibition, neubertel also organized a delegation to visit some packaging label printing plants in Europe, such as rako company in Germany (which is one of the most famous label printing enterprises in Europe), color label a/s label printing company in Denmark and labelco professional label printing company in Copenhagen. Finally, he went to Denmark to visit the headquarters and production plant of nubotai in Copenhagen

the visit was quite successful. Many enterprise representatives in the delegation also generally said that their confidence in label printing had been enhanced through this visit, and they had great interest and investment intention in the label printing industry. They proposed to further explore the prospects of entering the market after returning to China. The visit organized by nubotai China Co., Ltd. has played a good role in promoting the development of label packaging in China, and will inject a new vitality into the vigorous development of China's label printing industry in the future

information source: Huicong printing industry

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