Canon launched two new large format inkjet printer

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Canon launched two new large-scale inkjet printers

canon has grandly launched two new large-scale color inkjet printers for the graphics and imaging industry since September 27, including "canon imageprogram w8400" with a maximum printable b0+ size (44 inches wide) and "w6400" with a maximum printable a1+ size (24 inches wide), and four models. W8400/w6400 "imageprogram" series printers inherit the dual performance of high speed and high quality that Canon imageprogram is proud of. Compared with the previous generation products, the new products have been qualitatively improved in quality, and their applicability and reliability have been further strengthened. They are professional models that can meet all functional requirements of large format output

the two new printers launched by Canon (China) also use the built-in 4PL (micro liter) ultra fine ink drop new print head and new image, which can not only protect the housing structure processing system, but also greatly reduce the graininess of printed works, which can hardly be recognized by the naked eye, and greatly improve the printing quality. In addition, in the color mode, we gradually realize the truth of service. By using new yellow ink and two kinds of black ink (interchangeable), the color gamut becomes wider, and the printing of wide media such as glossy paper or non glossy paper realizes high-quality printing, which greatly improves the compatibility of paper. Using Canon's unique "PG" color ink, it not only gives play to excellent light resistance, water resistance and color stability, but also realizes the gorgeous and gray-scale expressiveness comparable to dye ink

after adopting the 1.07 inch wide ultra-high-density multi nozzle print head and the newly developed data processing controller, the new product realizes the high-speed output of printing A0 format in only about 2.2 minutes and A1 format in only about 1.3 minutes *1. At the same time, it also further widens the applicable size of borderless printing function, making it more practical. In addition, while the new driver is committed to greatly improving operability, it enhances the applicability of industry standard software by adopting plug-ins compatible with Adobe Systems' Photoshop software and HDI drivers compatible with Autodesk's AutoCAD/AutoCad Lt

the new product launched this time also has excellent performance in poster production. Canon printer adopts the newly developed poster making software "posterartist", which further improves the efficiency of poster making *2. By using rich poster templates, users can make their monotonous data that reduces environmental pollution into beautiful and intuitive posters, and the operation steps are simple and easy, which can also be easily realized by non professionals. Moreover, the new printer is also suitable for borderless printing. The images and photos taken with digital cameras have been studied through the large format output bundling software "digital photo print Pro" and the print driver. At the same time, the linkage control can also be carried out conveniently for batch poster production

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