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Jilin Petrochemical polyisobutylene new brand comes out and expands its application field

Lin Petrochemical fine chemicals plant is market-oriented and focuses on strengthening its own brand. On March 25, the 1700 brand polyisobutylene new product of this factory was successfully developed. The viscosity, number average molecular weight and other indicators of the product reached the standard of high-grade products, and 161.6 tons of qualified products have been produced to the market

due to the different structure and design of the universal experimental machine, the polyisobutylene series products of this factory are produced with independent technology. After the completion of the first set of high activity polyisobutylene device in China, many products such as JH-1000, jh-1300, jh-2300, jh-3300 have been produced successively, filling the gap in China. With the intensification of supply side reform, the factory firmly seized the opportunity of expanding the pilot of independent management right since the beginning of the year, and guided by the market, sent people to the downstream market for many times to carry out research on the safety distance, and learned that there is still a large market space for polyisobutylene as a plasticizer and viscosifier to be used in the field of viscosity adjustment. The plant timely organized technicians to carry out the research and development of jh-1700 polyisobutylene. On the one hand, they organize personnel to conduct in-depth market research to determine product indicators; On the other hand, technical personnel were organized to repeatedly demonstrate the feasibility of developing new brand products under the existing process conditions, and a detailed production plan was prepared. Their radar observability is also relatively low and the transformation plan

in order to reduce investment and produce products quickly, technicians proposed to use the existing equipment to take the three storage tanks of polymerization unit 2 as the storage tanks of new brand products, which solved the problem of product storage. In the reconstruction of the project, 200 meters of new material pipeline and corresponding heat tracing pipeline are required. The technicians broke the Convention and proposed to use the original steam pipeline to heat the new material pipeline, saving 150 meters of pipeline. They also adopted the method of training while construction. During the construction process, they explained the process to the team leader and production backbone, so that the project transformation and process training were completed at the same time. The successful development of jh-1700 polyisobutylene has enriched the tough and breathable application fields of polyisobutylene products to ensure the product film. After being put into production, the output can be increased by 1000 tons per year, and the annual efficiency is expected to increase by nearly one million yuan

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