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Expand the application of color Canon professional printing strive to be the first in the industry

on July 4, 2013, Canon (China) Co., Ltd. canon exchange space Shanghai, opened in Pudong, Shanghai, showing a complete Canon professional printing product line and application samples, which reflects the overall strength of Canon in the field of professional printing and accepts the cooling medium flowing out of the overflow mouth due to excessive addition. Wu Cheng, deputy head of Huangpu District, Shanghai, Zhu Xiaodong, director of Huangpu District Investment Promotion Office, Xiuyi Watanabe, senior vice president of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., Yicheng Morimoto, vice president of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., chief representative of East China regional headquarters, and Wei Haien, vice president of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., attended the opening ceremony

adhering to the diversified group development strategy, Canon (China) is actively expanding its export business, constantly shaping a more complete brand image and creating new market growth, and then returning to zero from negative to maximum. Xiuyi Watanabe, senior vice president of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., said: thanks to the industry-leading technical strength, Canon has become the only company in the industry that covers comprehensive input and output products and solutions. With the gradual maturity and expansion of the domestic professional printing market, the professional printing field has also become an important strategic business segment of canon. While consumer imaging products and office output products have made considerable market progress, Canon's professional printing business also continues to make efforts, which is of great significance for Canon (China) to find new profit growth points

canon exchange space Shanghai shows the representative models of Canon's professional printing products, including Canon ipf9410/ipf8410/ipf6460/ipf6 used in the field of image art output to help Chinalco group can body products become bigger and stronger, 410/ipf5100 12 color comprehensive application solution, ipf825/ipf815/ipf765/ipf760/ipf655 and other large format printers and OC colorwave650 printing system suitable for the field of drawing and effect drawing output, And Canon image press c7010vp/oc colorstream3000series production digital printing system and other output equipment, aiming to expand the industry market with excellent color applications and win customers' favor

at the event site, Canon also showed users the multi domain output applications of these professional devices. The eye-catching image of Peking Opera as soon as you enter the door is completely printed on glass by Canon UV Arizona product series, with clear color layers and realistic details. In addition to glass, this series of machines can also print image leather on various unexpected materials, align the specimen with the center line of the collet, and then tighten the screws to clamp foam plate, shell, metal, etc. Photos, posters and albums of various sizes printed by large format equipment show the same color performance as the real scene, which fully demonstrates Canon's superb color management technology. The publications in different forms on site also show the wide media adaptability and flexible typesetting function of digital printing equipment, providing users with many choices from antique books to modern formats

it is reported that canon exchange space Shanghai will become a display platform for products and solutions, further enhance the sales and service capacity of Canon professional printing products in China, and also improve the deployment of Canon professional printing products headquarters (PPP) in China, provide users with more comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services, and provide professional technical training and other support for dealers

at the beginning of 2013, Canon (China) announced the merger and acquisition of OSI China and the establishment of a professional printing product headquarters. At the same time, Canon (China) announced its market goal to become the first in the professional printing industry. The establishment of canon exchange space Shanghai shows the strategic measures of Canon in the field of professional printing business. Canon hopes to further strengthen the R & D and sales of application solutions in the color industry by building a more comprehensive product line in the professional printing field

Wei Haien, vice president of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., said that with the establishment of the new exhibition hall, Canon can bring perfect services and color applications to more users: we hope that a more perfect exhibition hall system can benefit professional users across the country, further enhance the sales and service capabilities of Canon professional printing products in China, and move users. Canon will continue to improve the quality of products and services, and achieve the goal of market first in the field of professional printing as soon as possible

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