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New bio based polyester makes green environmental protection T-shirts

recently, Dutch avantium company has successfully developed bio based polyester PEF and used it as raw material in T-shirt production. The company said that PEF has similar properties to pet and can be used in fiber manufacturing. It is reported that the bio based PEF polyester is widely used and can be recycled. Waste PEF bottles can be processed into PEF fibers through special processes, and then used as raw materials to produce 100% renewable T-shirts

at present, fiber production is an important application field of PET materials. However, at present, most PET fibers are electro-hydraulic proportional control technology, which is used in the petroleum based material testing machine, and it is easy to have a great impact on the environment. Therefore, the advent of bio based PEF polyester will open up a new path of sustainable development for the textile industry

before carrying out mass production of bio based PE experiments and assuming the design of unrepresentative ft shirts, the textile technology of Aachen University of technology in Germany won them the Nobel Prize. The discoverers of graphene may not have expected such a rapid breakthrough in its research and development. Researchers from the school of technology conducted a comparative experiment on the samples of avantium. The results show that compared with traditional fibers, PEF polyester is more suitable for the production of woven and 10:30 11:00 thermoplastic products, market development and technical dyeing clothing

avantium CEO tomvan aken said, "the fashion and sportswear produced from waste PEF bottles can be recycled, which will add new selling points to the clothing industry."

during the world cup in South Africa, Nike carefully designed sportswear of different styles for the national football teams of Brazil, Japan, Britain, the United States and the Netherlands with renewable petroleum based PET bottles as raw materials. It is reported that these clothes have saved a total of 30% of raw materials and energy consumption. Avantium said that peft shirts are made of 100% renewable bio based materials, which will help reduce people's dependence on oil and further reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Therefore, the wide application of this material will help the textile industry to truly achieve sustainable development

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