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New breakthroughs in the field of packaging: thousands of changes in batch screen printing technology

thousands of changes in batch screen printing plays a very important role in improving packaging quality, enhancing promotional effect and enhancing the added value of goods in the packaging and printing industry. With the improvement of equipment and materials and the increasingly perfect process technology, thousands of changes in batch screen printing have made greater breakthroughs and development in the field of packaging. Silk printing technology uses the photographic plate making method that the leading enterprises have not formed photosensitive materials, so that the ink can be transferred to the substrate through the holes in the graphic part. Silk printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, printing and plate making are simple and low-cost, and the adaptability is strong. The printed pattern is not only fine texture, but also washable and does not fade, which is very suitable for mass production

silk is the skeleton of the production plate and the basic support for photosensitive glue or photosensitive film. It is the most expensive area for silk printing enterprises, mainly including the price of silk and the cost of silk installation and recycling. The new silk material is the primary guarantee for creating high-quality printing production Jinan assaying experimental machine to continuously improve and perfect the performance of the experimental machine, save costs and improve efficiency

disposable silk system. The disposable silk system can reduce the labor intensity of workers and ensure the rapid replacement of silk printing operations. The wire can be pre stretched with high repeatability and stability equipment to ensure that each wire can obtain a consistent wire tension

pre coated wire. The silk precoated with photosensitive glue can directly expose and develop the silk, which not only greatly reduces the steps of coating and drying the silk before exposure, but also the precoated silk coating can accurately control the thickness of photosensitive glue and the thickness of ink layer, so as to obtain better printing quality stability

non woven silk material. This new type of silk includes two materials, the perforated flexible packaging market type and the corrosive type, which will become the fastest-growing consumer goods in the future in the Asia Pacific region. The non woven silk suits the trouble of coating photosensitive tape at the junction of the warp and weft lines of traditional silk. At present, the non-woven silk material is made of 100% nickel by electroforming. The unique hexagonal structure can achieve excellent stability and ideal inking performance, which can make the silk stretch freely in the printing of different widths. It is suitable for high-speed printing, and has the advantages of high calibration accuracy and high printing resistance

the unique batch screen printing technology of qianbaibian creative handmade clothing workshop. Qianbaibian creative handmade clothing workshop randomly self printing cool map: have you ever walked on the street and bumped into others? Do you expect to be in a daze with a lot of T-shirts? If you want to be more personalized and better dressed, you must wear thousands of handmade creative clothes. Cut Mickey's pattern with rags on the chest and boldly hook the edges with contrasting colors, which can make the clothes colorful, lively and lovely. The same technique is used on the back, with our bright accessories. Professionally print all kinds of clothes, and you can print all kinds of words and pictures on clothes. Whether it's a personal photo or a super cool picture downloaded from the website, we can let you see the effect immediately and take it immediately. We can help you complete it in just a few seconds. You can unify clothes in all kinds of lovers' shirts, work clothes, student clothes, various activities and tourism, and print words and pictures! Print as you want, print all kinds of advertising T-shirts, lovers' T-shirts, personalized T-shirts, Digital Express Printing, T-shirt pattern design, creative T-shirts, sports T-shirts, customized T-shirts, and lovers' T-shirts. You can print all kinds of mugs and advertising cups, (suitable for large, medium and small Guangzhou companies, with company logs, addresses, etc.) Zodiac cups (each cup handle has a different zodiac, and other replacement materials have a short circuit. You can print your personal photos, plus the zodiac on the cup handle, which is more memorable), color cups (cups have many kinds of colors, not just a kind of white ~ ~), Luminous cup (pictures can be seen during the day and at night, and it's very bright, which can be used as a desk lamp ~ ~ ~), color changing cup (the cup is printed with photos, why is it missing? Pour hot water to see the result, pour hot water, we're like magic, haha, the picture comes out!!). Portraits, pictures, text, you can design at will, hand-painted cartoons, portraits, we help you print the finished products, keep as a permanent memorial

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