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Eastman Chemical Company recently announced that polar plastic, a high-end plastic technology company, has developed a new plastic beverage bottle product system polar pitcher with Eastman tritan copolyester as raw material. Tritan is a new generation of copolyester, which balances transparency, cleaning durability, toughness, dirt and odor resistance. There is no bisphenol A (BPA) in the raw material for producing tritan polyester. Polar pitcher is a 60 ounce medium transparent plastic beverage can with a built-in cooling cylinder for placing ice cubes, which can cool drinks without dilution and pollution. Steve Roberts, President of polar plastech, said: we found that the market needs a beverage bottle that can keep the beverage cold in a clean way for a long time. Based on this idea, we need a material that can meet our standards in terms of safety and hygiene, and it should be durable. Polar plastich will start to produce polar pitcher beverage cans from tritan copolyester of Eastman Chemical Company in April 2009. This kind of beverage can was previously made of polycarbonate and styrene terpolymer. The main reason why polar plastech switched to tritan is that this polyester has high heat resistance and chemical resistance, making it able to withstand repeated cleaning and day-to-day use in bars and restaurants. In addition, trita (3) and steel castings ultrasonic testing and quality rating method gb/t7233 (8) 7n will not be contaminated with odor and stains. These characteristics make the beverage cans have the characteristics of safety and sanitation, and can pass the certification of the National Health Foundation of the United States. Roberts also said: bars and restaurants are our main users, so we need a drink can that can withstand repeated cleaning. In addition, since polar pitcher will be used in outdoor environment most of the time, it also needs to be durable and non fragile. At present, polar pitcher is mainly for business places, such as bars and restaurants, and will be sold to family users, hotels and motels in the future. Beverage cans for business users are made of transparent plastic and can be customized. Polar plastech plans to provide home users with cold colors of polar pitcher beverage cans, such as ice blue, cold grape and winter green. About polar plastics polar plastics is a high-end plastic technology and intellectual property company located in Odessa, Florida. The company designed the polar pitcher beverage cooling system according to the requirement that people must keep using low-temperature beer to save resources. Polar pitcher provides a hygienic and easy-to-use way to keep the temperature of draft beer and other beverages low, and the beverages will not be diluted by melting ice

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