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New business forms and new models the automobile industry has ushered in great changes

Abstract: today's world is in a period of great development, great change and great adjustment. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and innovation, change and coordination are adding forces to change history

today's world is in a period of great development, change and adjustment. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and innovation, change and coordination are superimposing the forces that change history. As one of the pillar industries of China's national economy, under the macro-control of national policies and driven by the combination of energy conversion and intelligence, the automotive industry is undergoing a great change once in a century, and has given birth to many new formats and models. For example, the new technological revolution and business model changes represented by new energy vehicles, driverless vehicles, and shared vehicles are significantly changing the mode of production, sales, and use of vehicles

looking back on 2017, the relevant policies of China's automotive industry were intensively introduced, especially in strategic emerging industries such as new energy vehicles and intelligent vehicles, and the state has given various support at the policy level. In terms of the new energy vehicle industry, more than 30 energy-saving and new energy vehicle support policies have been issued, including the "medium and long-term development plan of the automobile industry", "the parallel management measures for the average fuel consumption of passenger vehicle enterprises and the analysis and testing of automobile points of new energy plastics, rubber, textiles, ceramics, building materials, metal materials and high molecular materials"; In terms of smart cars, the "smart car technology roadmap" was released

it is reported that China's automobile industry has made new breakthroughs in the fields of energy-saving vehicles such as engine thermal efficiency, low wind resistance, lightweight and hybrid power; It has gradually approached the international advanced level in the development of new platforms for pure electric vehicles, high-performance plug-in hybrid systems, vehicle energy consumption, energy density of power battery cells, power density of drive motor bodies, etc; It has achieved international synchronization in the fields of intelligent United vehicle, such as autonomous driving platform, autonomous on-board operating system, lte-v technical standards and products, 5g technology, etc; Driving assistant (DA) autopilot has been industrialized and accelerated to partial autopilot (PA) and conditional autopilot (CA)

with the promotion of a series of national policies, the development of China's automobile industry has indeed made a series of achievements. Recently, the economic operation data of the automotive industry in 2017 released by the China Association of automobile manufacturers showed that in 2017, China's automobile sales totaled 28.879 million, an increase of 3% year-on-year, ranking first in the world for nine consecutive years. In addition to this ABS/pbt alloy, according to the analysis of industry insiders, the production and sales of automobiles increased slightly in 2017, and the growth rate decreased compared with the same period of last year. Among them, due to the reduction of the preferential range of purchase tax, the growth rate of passenger car sales has slowed down significantly; Driven by the overall recovery of the construction machinery industry, the sales of commercial vehicles increased rapidly, especially the sales of heavy trucks reached 1.117 million, a record high

looking back on the hundred year development history of the automotive industry, its ecological chain has always been closely linked from parts to complete vehicles, and then to dealers. As developed countries and major automobile production enterprises have reached a broad consensus on the electrification, low-carbon, networking, intelligence and sharing of the automobile industry, a new automobile industry pattern is taking shape. The traditional automobile industry pattern centered on traditional complete vehicle enterprises and led by large-scale production and large-scale sales mode will gradually be transformed into a new industry pattern centered on meeting personalized consumption and travel services

compared with the traditional industrial pattern, the future automotive industry pattern presents three new features: the past vehicle manufacturers are becoming vehicle data collection solution providers, the past parts suppliers are becoming automotive solution providers, and the past sales and service providers are gradually integrating into travel service solution providers. For consumers, the most intuitive feeling is the transformation from buying cars to buying travel services with the help of platform economy and sharing mode

the author believes that with the rapid development of new energy technology and intelligent driving technology, it is inevitable for the automotive industry to transform from traditional power driven mobile tools to new energy driven intelligent mobile service terminals; At the same time, the emerging Internet industry is entering the automotive industry as an innovative pioneer. They have brought new ideas, new technologies and new models to the automotive industry, and are redefining the future automobile. It can be predicted that in the next few years, the competition in the automotive industry will be more intense, and the automotive industry is ushering in a major change

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