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The new evaluation system for composites in the UK will promote the development of aerospace industry

recently, the University of Manchester in the UK launched a new composite certification and evaluation system

the equipment involved in this system is concentrated in the northwest composite center, which carried out research on cutting-edge composite materials in 2006 for the design and manufacture of aerospace composite aircraft

the Western Regional Development Authority (NWDA) invested £ 4.7 million in new equipment to support the supply chain between enterprises and aerospace. £ 2.5 million for academic commitment and resources of the University. The remaining funds will be used for other private sectors

m company, executive director of NWDA, will respond to arkhughes within one hour. He said that aerospace is a priority industry in the northwest of the UK. There are more than 800 Aerospace Companies in the region, which contribute about 7billion pounds to the northwest economy every year. The development goal of the project will help the aerospace supply chain develop new products, speed up the testing and evaluation process, and put them in a more favorable position to win new business

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