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In the future, 25% of the new buildings in Dubai will be 3D printing

Dubai has recently launched a global 3D printing strategic plan, which aims to make Dubai a leader in the global 3D printing field, and also to enhance the position of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai as leading centers of 3D printing technology. The competitiveness of the UAE market will also be further improved, with a secondary focus on the research of new products and technologies of thermoplastic elastomer materials; His highness Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the president and Prime Minister of Dubai, with Anhui Zhongding rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd as the main company, has formulated a strategic plan to make 25% of new buildings manufactured by 3D printing technology by 2025, hoping to use 3D printing technology to reduce the costs of medical and construction industries and restructure the economy and labor market

Dubai future foundation said that this 3D printing strategy will reduce labor by 70% and the overall cost by 90%. At the same time, the plan will redefine productivity, because the time required for 3D printing of buildings and products is only 10% of traditional technology. The initiative will focus on lighting products, foundations and foundations, construction joints, facilities and parks, as well as buildings and mobile homes for humanitarian purposes

Dubai initially announced its plan to build the world's first 3D printing structure in 2015. This project is the future office project designed by killa design. This is the world's first fully functional 3D printing office that can be used permanently

the 3D printing device is equipped with an automatic manipulator to realize the printing process of up to 17 days, and can be installed on site in two days. In addition, the super insulation layer system and computer-controlled manufacturing technology are also used to form a building envelope with unique and complex geometry, which should reliably fasten the nut and flange cover. The office is currently the seat of Dubai future foundation

according to the regulations of Dubai municipal government, the plan will be implemented in 2019, and HRG will achieve the strategic goal of 2025 through gradual implementation

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