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Show the new business card of scientific instrument industry Agilent University (Qingdao) training center was inaugurated

on November 20, Agilent University proportional valve based on traditional industrial hydraulic valve (Qingdao) training center and Qingdao scientific instrument training base were inaugurated in Laoshan smart Industrial Park. The center is jointly built and operated by Agilent technology company and Qingdao scientific equipment company, integrating domestic and foreign resource advantages, cultivating high-end skilled talents in scientific instruments, and expanding the field of student skill training at the stage of higher education

at the unveiling ceremony, Qingdao University and Qingdao Vocational and technical college signed a cooperation agreement with Qingdao scientific equipment company to strengthen school enterprise cooperation, cultivate more comprehensive and innovative experimental projects, cultivate students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability and practical ability, and improve the skills of college education students by sending professional teachers to the center for research or temporary training, and sending students to the center for training and internship, Provide effective talent supply for demand units

scientific instruments are of great significance in scientific research, which to a certain extent determines the output of scientific research achievements. With the import of scientific research instruments, which indicates the increase in the number of equipment for the 30th anniversary of the joint research and development of football by Adidas and covestro, which is marked by the "three bars", the demand for equipment personnel who operate the technical parameters of scientific instrument manufacturers is exposed by universities, scientific research institutions, third-party testing institutions, pharmaceutical enterprises, new research and development institutions, etc. is growing rapidly. However, due to the strong professionalism of the operation of such instruments and equipment, the high cost of equipment maintenance, the need for manufacturer technical support and other conditions, colleges and universities that can train talents cannot complete the task of training such talents, resulting in the fault and shortage of scientific instrument operation talents in the market

Agilent technology is a global leader in the market of life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemistry, and a world leading testing and measurement company, providing innovative solutions for Industry and scientific research. As an independent business segment of Agilent technology company, Agilent university aims to serve and cultivate high-end chemical analysis technology talents, training more than 12000 people every year. After Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu, Qingdao has become another large-scale co construction and cooperation training center of Agilent University in China

Qingdao scientific equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haijian group. As the first import and export enterprise in Qingdao engaged in tax reduction and exemption of scientific equipment, it specializes in providing imported and domestic scientific equipment, instrumentation equipment, foreign trade operation and tax reduction services for scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, public utilities and key projects. Its business covers petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, health, food, environmental protection and other industries

this time, the two sides give full play to their advantageous resources to jointly build and operate. Qingdao scientific equipment company and Agilent technology company invest in the construction of the training center and set up an operation management team. Agilent provides a full set of operation management system and provides corresponding sales, training and after-sales resources. Agilent China officially authorized Qingdao Agilent university to build a large-scale scientific instrument training carrier to connect universities, scientific research institutions According to the actual needs of pharmaceutical enterprises and the third testing platform, we should cultivate talents individually, reduce the equipment maintenance cost of the demander of instruments and equipment, and actively help scientific research and innovation while achieving economic benefits. Assistant to the general manager of Haijian group Zhitao, general manager of Qingdao scientific equipment company, said: "We will strive to transform the center from a service-oriented company into a high-tech enterprise with training ability and testing technology development within three years, serving scientific research, teaching and technological innovation in Shandong and even the whole country. Based on this training center, we will plan to build a scientific equipment and testing industrial park in the later stage, achieve the breakthrough of key technologies, cultivate the industrial chain and ecology of domestic scientific instruments, and create a technological industry and cutting-edge for Qingdao New business card of manufacturing industry. "

it is reported that the settlement of Agilent University in Qingdao originated from the first Qingdao summit of multinational company leaders in October 2019. In 2018, Agilent Shandong market sold more than 400million yuan and trained about people every year. With the help of this resource advantage, Agilent University (Qingdao) training center will establish the largest analytical instrument training center in Shandong to help personnel training and scientific research innovation in the fields of food, environment, forensic medicine, pharmacy, diagnosis, chemical industry and energy. On this basis, a testing and R & D method center will be established, with pharmaceutical testing as the center, and pharmaceutical enterprises in Shandong market will jointly develop a comprehensive solution for unknown substance screening and a standard reference material testing method related to food and drug testing, promote the research and development of bio coupled drugs and innovative drugs and the development of technical solutions related to high-quality production, and lead the Shandong region and even the whole country to adopt the electronic universal laboratory machine system as a closed-loop system, To judge which part of the system has a fault, first disconnect the circuit in the system to make the system an open-loop system If the sensor signal is judged to be normal, the feedback signal of the displacement sensor must be disconnected to make the system open-loop At this time, a control actuator movement signal is sent from the workstation, and then the feedback value of the sensor is measured. After repeated several times, when the feedback data measured to the sensor is a linear change line, the technical development and technical reserves in the normal field of the sensor are judged, so as to jointly build a national leading R & D, exhibition and Training Center for biological drug innovation, high-quality production and efficient quality control

inspection and testing is an important starting point to support the "quality power" strategy in the new era, and an important foundation for China's industry to move towards the middle and high end of the global value chain. The upstream of the industrial chain mainly includes instruments and equipment, intelligent control systems, chemical reagents and consumables, while the downstream is mainly concentrated in industrial manufacturing, food, medicine, environment and other fields, with considerable market space. In 2016, Qingdao set up the marine inspection group as the carrier of the integration of government inspection and testing resources and the leader of the development of inspection and testing industry. Haijian group has completed the construction of three national innovation platforms including Haijian center in five years. With the measurement, standardization, inspection and testing services of high-end equipment such as marine equipment as the core, it has gathered a large number of high-quality resources in the field of marine engineering equipment and inspection and testing for joint ventures and cooperation, which has not only achieved economic benefits, but also contributed to the dual recruitment and introduction. In 2019, Qingdao Gaochuang Technology Capital Operation Co., Ltd. was incorporated into the Haijian group as a whole. It is positioned on the policy oriented technology investment and operation platform. With capital as the link, it attracts social capital to participate through various capital operation means such as holding shares, participating in shares, investment guidance, merger and division, and establishes a diversified and multi industry technology financial service system to help small and medium-sized technology enterprises' financing development, scientific research and development, and the transformation of scientific research achievements. With the launch of this scientific instrument training base, the business segment of Haijian group has become more perfect, the industrial chain agglomeration effect has become more significant, and the ability to help scientific research innovation and kinetic energy transformation has been further enhanced. Wang Liyu, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Qingdao Maritime inspection group, said: "the maritime inspection group will firmly grasp the goal of high-quality development, work hard to improve its service capacity, actively explore institutional and mechanism innovation, further gather innovative resources in advantageous industries, and promote joint venture cooperation, scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation, and constantly strive to move towards the international top level of marine equipment testing and certification institutions."

Lu Peng, director of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of science and technology, Huang Yingsheng, member of the Standing Committee of Laoshan District Party committee and Minister of publicity, Chen Liang, global vice president of Agilent Technology (China) Co., Ltd., Wang Quan, Secretary of the Party committee of Qingdao Vocational College of engineering, Xue Yuping, vice president of Qingdao Vocational College of technology, Li Wei, chairman of Aucma Group, Wang Liyu, chairman of Qingdao Maritime inspection group and other leaders and guests attended the unveiling ceremony. (Wang Baoming, Wang Shan)

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