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This year's international label printing exhibition also stipulates some experimental methods for the new EU standards of the Principality of Nilpeter, which takes into account the cumulative release of about 16million shared bicycles in the actual scene. It is an exhibition of great historical significance. At the exhibition, Nilpeter company not only has a new generation of rotary offset printing machines and new UV flexographic printing machines, but also has its own color digital inkjet printing machines. The printing equipment produced by Nilpeter Denmark once again occupied the main position of the exhibition, covering most self-adhesive label printing machines and flexographic packaging printing equipment. This year, the main theme of Nilpeter is people-oriented. It will provide our suggestions and services in this unique way rather than a simple technical sales strategy. For those who want to know the information of the latest narrow width rotary printing equipment, Nilpeter hopes you can have a deep observation and understanding

new fa-6 UV flexographic printing machine suitable for film printing

fa-6 UV flexographic printing machine is a new member of FA series, and it is also the first roll to roll flexible packaging printing equipment of Nilpeter. Its maximum width is 558mm (22 inches). It adopts servo driven gearless printing. The thickness of the printed film ranges from 20 to 300 microns, and allows rapid replacement. The third method is to use a centrifuge to "quickly mix" different films. It also has sleeve, version rolling technology and double unwinding technology of film covering, which is an option

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