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Canon promotes five large format printers for the graphic printing market recently, Canon launched five imageprogram series large format printers for the graphic printing Market: 12 color 24 inch ipf6400 and ipf6450, 12 color 44 inch ipf8400, 12 color 60 inch ipf9400 and 8 color ipf9400s. These current new devices have a series of new features, which bring excellent image quality, productivity and super practicality. How to test the carburized layer of this metal? Some new products are currently on display at photokina 20 oil pump to adopt low-noise linear conjugate internal gear pump 12 Exhibition (exhibition time: September)

all new models of Canon this time use Lucia ex ink. It is reported that Canon is the only enterprise using this ink and hot swap technology in the whole large format printing field. This ink has a wider range of color gamut, black is more expressive, more scratch resistant, and the color is more stable. Hot plug technology is adopted to ensure that the replacement of ink will not cause printing interruption and reduce the downtime

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