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New brand of frozen and microwave heated food packaging

Nova chemical company of the United States launched two new brands for food packaging: zylarex720 and dylarkfg2500

zylarex720 is a series of transparent acrylate copolymer products, which has better transparency and low-temperature toughness than the existing Zylar series brands. The processed products have good appearance and cracking resistance, so they are suitable for the packaging of refrigerated and frozen food. This brand has good processability, which is convenient for processing plants to design components with complex structures, improve output and reduce component quality. The material has been approved by FDA and can be molded with the existing styrene series resin processing equipment, with little or no modification to the equipment

dylarkfg2500 is a series of styrene copolymer products, which has the low-temperature toughness and high-temperature rigidity required by microwave heating after being taken out of the refrigerator. It has a wide temperature resistance range, and the packaged food will not leak or overflow when taken out of the microwave oven or brought home from the food store. This brand has been approved by FDA for applications in contact with food. The processing and molding cycle is short, and the sealing and printing properties are good. The accessories and tools are good. It can be molded with existing PS or pet processing equipment

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