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After 2020, Hubei building materials market will sell coatings and other 100% clearly marked prices

after 2020, Hubei building materials market will sell coatings and other 100% clearly marked prices

20 circular arc materials November 3, 2016

[China paint information] recently, the solicitation of opinions on the regulations on clearly marked prices in Hubei home building materials market began, and the draft stipulates that Hubei home building materials market is in the sales of goods and the provision of labor services, The charges should be transparent or the marked price should be publicized. According to the paint, on October 31, the provincial Price Bureau revealed that Hubei Province was carrying out special rectification work related to clearly marked prices. It is said that in 2020, Hubei's building materials market and market will realize 100% marked price

do you have to specify the price when buying a handful of onions? The price bureau of Hubei Province is serious

even the vendors in the vegetable market should clearly mark the price of onions. According to Fu Dongshu, director of the market price supervision division of the price supervision branch of the Hubei Provincial Price Bureau, the special rectification will last for one year, focusing on the inspection of the home building materials markets such as plate, steel, stone, ceramics, glass, paint, sanitary ware, hardware, furniture, lamps and lanterns, as well as various agricultural markets. The price department will pay close attention to the relevant price violations of the electronic extended timing method of loading and unloading of relevant businesses, such as: not clearly marking the price, not clearly marking the price according to the regulations, making up the original price, false discount, false gifts, not fulfilling the price commitment, misleading pricing, concealing the additional conditions of price and service, price labeling without basis or comparison, etc

home building materials market and large-scale market are places that consumers often patronize. Opaque price will lead to sellers' random quotation, deceive consumers, and destroy the integrity relationship between consumers and sellers. In this regard, Hubei Province has begun the special rectification of clearly marked prices. Fu Dongshu said that at present, the home building materials market above the county level in Hubei Province, large-scale 5 The marked price rate of the market, which is more convenient to use, has basically reached about 80%, but some street stores, community fruit and vegetable stores, etc. have not marked prices or failed to mark prices as required. After this special rectification, the penetration rate of clearly marked prices in Hubei building materials and market markets is expected to reach 90% next year, and finally achieve full coverage of clearly marked prices by 2020, while establishing a number of clearly marked price demonstration stores and demonstration streets

if the price is not clearly marked, it will be ordered to return the overcharged price of 1.36 billion yuan, and the cash penalty will be imposed, with a maximum penalty of 500000

the clearly marked price will be implemented, but there must be merchants in building materials markets and market fairs who will not implement it. For this, the price department has its own solutions

according to the Hubei price department, if consumers find that the merchants in building materials and market markets have not priced clearly in the market, they can call 12358 to report the price, and the price department will investigate and deal with it in time. The punishment measures are also different for merchants with different degrees of unclear price. It is said that according to laws and regulations, merchants who do not clearly mark the price can be fined 5000 yuan, and merchants who commit price fraud such as fictitious original prices and false discounts can be fined up to 500000 yuan

in the current building materials and sanitary ware market, the phenomenon of chaotic prices and disorderly elevation prices is emerging one after another. The special rectification action of clearly marked prices will help to realize the transparency of market prices, standardize product prices, protect consumer rights and interests, and promote the healthy development of the industry. It is hoped that not only Hubei Province, but also other provinces and cities across the country should continue to implement the matter of clearly marked price of products, so as to finally realize the clearly marked price of the whole country, so that consumers across the country can really rest assured when purchasing products

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