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Salesforce added Einstein bots to its customer service cloud platform

don't forget that salesforce has been using Einstein bots, a service cloud platform, to build its general software as a service portfolio. Service cloud is a software that customer service professionals provide support services after sales. The service cloud department is the second largest profitable business after salesforce's flagship product, the sales cloud platform

it is understood that Einstein robot was launched at the salesforce dreamforce conference in November last year. It is mainly provided for customer service personnel. It can help customer service personnel understand the problems they encounter before customers calling a3=2.3w1f1 LG talk with human operators. And with powerful machine learning technology, we can continue to learn and improve, so as to better understand the needs of customers. Using these robots, customer service personnel can set up automatic response and collect basic customer information, and can also answer some simple questions before transferring queries to humans

what's more interesting is that salesforce said that salesforce encourages its customers to specify that robots are computers, rather than trying to pretend to be real humans to confuse their customers

in addition, salesforce also launched a new function called lightning flow for service cloud. Users know Jinan production experimental machine better than customers in every region. This function can create an optional menu tree according to common customer requests. Salesforce said that lighting flow also helps automate customer response and speed up workflow

salesforce announced the launch of the third new function is Einstein as an important member of the European Union n next best action. This function can provide customers with intelligent context suggestions and discounts based on the prediction model and the dialogue with agents. It is said that these actions can be delivered at the time of maximum impact and will be directly displayed in the service cloud console, so agents can take immediate action

Rebecca wettemann, vice president of research at nucleusresearch, said that almost all companies that want to compete in customer service are considering the use of artificial intelligence, and even large companies usually have to consider the resource factor. This version released by salesforce can accelerate the realization of value for companies who want to better understand and serve customers. These companies can further expand on the basis of salesforce's professional knowledge, deep and wide data, and highly focused and trained artificial intelligence models for customer interaction

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