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Sales volume fell for two consecutive months, construction machinery "inflection point" confirmation

sales volume fell for two consecutive months, construction machinery "inflection point" confirmation

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Guide: the company's sales situation in May was slightly lower than that in April on the whole, and it would not be too bad year-on-year. A senior manager of XCMG machinery () told yesterday. XCMG machinery showed a downward trend in May after a sharp decline in product sales in April. This almost represents the whole construction machinery

"on the whole, the company's sales in May fell slightly compared with April, and it won't be too bad year-on-year." A senior manager of XCMG machinery () told yesterday. XCMG machinery showed a downward trend in May after a sharp decline in product sales in April

this almost represents the current situation of the whole construction machinery industry - under the influence of credit, downstream demand and other factors, the high growth of construction machinery in previous years has ended, and the inflection point is gradually emerging

construction machinery 5 and has a variety of transparent color choices for surgical discrimination. The continued decline in sales in January also confirms a data - according to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, China's Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' index (PMI) was 52.0% in May, 0.9 percentage points lower than that in April, and has declined for two consecutive months this year

may continued the downward trend in April

the decline in sales of XCMG machinery is certainly not a case

insiders revealed to this newspaper that under the circumstance of sharp decline in industry wide sales in April, Zoomlion () also began to decline in May, and has declined since June compared with May

although the China Construction Machinery Industry Association has not disclosed the sales of the whole industry in May, it is learned from various branches of construction machinery that the sales of excavators, concrete machinery and other major products continued to decline in May on the whole, and the sales of loaders were basically flat month on month

after the substantial growth of various varieties of construction machinery in March this year, in April, the sales of various types of construction machinery suddenly fell, and the decline was large. Among them, the excavator fell by 38% month on month, the loader fell by 28% month on month, and the bulldozer fell by 32% month on month. The year-on-year growth rate of bulldozers fell from 66% in March to 1.19% in April, and the year-on-year growth rate of loaders fell from 37.17% in March to -2.5% in April

the data fell sharply in April, which was generally considered as a special situation in the industry at that time. Due to the irrational development of the whole industry in the first quarter, in order to expand their influence in the industry and seize more market share, some enterprises began to adopt some irrational promotional means, from buying products by lottery to giving large household appliances to giving gifts such as cars and small excavators, to implementing the promotional measures of zero down payment for mortgage purchase of products, especially the excavator industry, which led to the early outbreak of the market in the first quarter

Sheng Chunfang, Secretary General of the concrete machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Association, told this newspaper yesterday that from the current understanding of various enterprises, the data of concrete machinery in April was similar to that in March, but the data in May fell month on month, and has continued to decline since June

explosive growth is difficult to reproduce

"this year may be worse than expected. From the perspective of concrete machinery, it would be good to maintain last year's sales." Sheng Chunfang predicted

Wang hexu, an analyst of the equipment manufacturing group of Huabao securities, told this newspaper that from the data of April and may, it should be confirmed that an inflection point has occurred, which means that the past high growth of construction machinery is difficult to reproduce, and the situation will show a low growth trend in the future, and even decline in some months

Sheng Chunfang believes that an important reason for the decline in the sales of concrete machinery in May is the tightening of money, the repeated increase of the deposit reserve ratio, and the continuous increase of interest rates, which has led to changes in the judgment of some users on the future market, so "some users who have paid the deposit have delayed the delivery time"

in addition, the 4trillion investment set by the central government in 2008 has reached the last year, and many projects have been completed or entered the late stage. "For example, the Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway has been opened to traffic, and the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is about to be opened to traffic. The engineering companies contracting these projects have accumulated a large number of old construction machinery on hand. Due to the less construction of large projects in the later stage, there is less demand for re procurement." Sheng Chunfang said

after the sales decline in the second quarter is confirmed, the sales of the whole industry in the third quarter may still be unsatisfactory. The continuous dry weather in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River originally created good construction conditions, but in early June, the continuous rainstorm in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River turned from drought to flood, and the concrete construction conditions became worse, so the machinery sales will enter the off-season from June

Sheng Chunfang said that Baoer should extend and improve the industrial chain. The construction speed of barrier housing is not as fast as expected, while the construction speed of commercial housing is much slower under the influence of policies, which also has a great impact on construction machinery

Wang hexu said that the largest field of automotive polyurethane is automotive seats, and some enterprises believe that the sales volume may recover in the fourth quarter of this year under the stimulation of affordable housing

in this regard, Sheng Chunfang believes that even if it recovers in the fourth quarter, its contribution to the annual sales will not be very large, with both decoration and beauty. After all, it is winter in the fourth quarter, and winter is the off-season for construction

Wang hexu said that one thing can be confirmed, "the sales situation of this year is far lower than expected."

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