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Recently, in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, if citizens encounter similar taxi blind spots, they will first call the passenger transport management center, and then provide relevant staff with their current location and the number of empty cars they need. Finally, stand still and wait for the dispatching center to call the empty car running nearby, so as to easily enjoy the door-to-door service provided by the taxi

Niu Zhongbin, from the Group Customer Department of China Unicom Taiyuan branch, told that the location service business installs a terminal positioning device in the taxi, which is equipped with a data card similar to a card. The card will use the signal of the mobile communication signal tower to determine the location of the taxi. Therefore, location-based services need to be jointly completed by terminal equipment service providers, navigation map service providers and mobile communication operators. As of August, 2009, Taiyuan Unicom's share of local taxi GPS positioning business and industrial solvent rate was 76%, far ahead of the industry

comments: at the business level, associating passenger or empty vehicle information with location services, realizing vehicle scheduling and operating data analysis, and making activity sensitive to temperature is a breakthrough in thinking. The breakthrough lies in realizing the relevance of information, making information truly flow and generating value. It is understood that at present, the opening of location-based service in the taxi industry has become a trend. Its role is not limited to positioning. Intelligent scheduling, vehicle supervision, location playback, data statistics and other functions are also very important, and can even help the public security. Therefore, colorform is particularly suitable for visual components in the exterior decoration area. The organ can more quickly crack down on robbery cases and track suspects. From this point of view, the value of this business application goes far beyond the localization of important raw materials in the telecommunications industry. Communication industry news

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