Shanxi Province has newly formulated and issued th

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Shanxi Province has newly formulated and issued the "quality acceptance standard of building curtain wall engineering"

Shanxi building decoration association has officially issued the "quality acceptance standard of building curtain wall engineering in Shanxi Province" and established the building curtain wall engineering committee

the data provided by Shanxi Architectural Decoration Association shows that in the provincial capital Taiyuan, the construction of building curtain walls rose in the late 1990s, and the quantities of building curtain walls of various materials increased year by year, while the design, materials, construction and quality acceptance of building curtain walls were uneven due to the lack of standards, which buried hidden dangers

the newly formulated and issued "quality acceptance standard for building curtain wall engineering" in Shanxi Province is a local engineering construction standard, which carries out strict technical specifications for the design, construction, mobilization material acceptance, quality acceptance and other projects of glass, metal, stone and other types of building curtain walls. It is required that all kinds of building curtain wall projects must be designed and constructed by qualified design units and construction units, and the curtain wall design must comply with the relevant provisions of urban planning, fire protection, environmental protection and energy conservation. The design unit shall be responsible for the safety and quality problems of curtain walls caused by design reasons. The construction unit of building curtain wall shall construct according to the construction technology standard and the construction technology scheme approved by the supervisor and the construction unit. The construction party shall implement quality control throughout the construction. The experimental machine adopts neuron adaptive control system monitoring. During the construction process, if the construction unit violates the curtain wall design and construction specifications and processes the construction, the quality problems caused by it shall be borne by the construction unit

the standard requires that all materials, hardware accessories, components and components used in curtain wall engineering must have product certificates, performance test reports, mobilization acceptance records and re inspection reports

in the future, the curtain wall works of new buildings in Shanxi Province must meet the standard. If the quality acceptance is qualified, turn the focusing hand wheel curtain wall works, and the relevant quality acceptance report will be submitted to the construction administration department for filing

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